Welcome to Wouf Poof! The Genuine Leather Dog Bed Specialists.

Dogs have always loved sleeping on leather, so why not give them their own genuine leather furniture? They’ll love our high-end genuine leather dog beds in black or walnut brown. The classic bolstered design will keep its shape and beauty for years to come making it a worthy investment.

Genuine Leather… Accept no substitutes!

Genuine leather is one of mother natures best gifts to all. It anwsers questions of fashion, durability, comfort and at the same time is environmentally friendly. Unlike synthetic materials based on petroleum products, leather is a by-product. Through our Eco-Tanning process we provide a natural, breathable raw material that reacts in a positive way to your pet’s body temperature. The synthetic alternatives are not only harmful to the environment, but are also not attractive to your pet. Our Wouf Poof® dog beds will not attract pet hair or odours and they are so simple to clean, using only a damp washcloth making it even more environmentally friendly than those other dog beds.

Benefits of a leather dog bed

  Investing in a good quality dog bed is one of the more important things a dog owner can do for their dog. A lot of people assume that getting a dog bed is an indulgence or a luxury. A good dog bed is far from that. Your dog needs a warm, supportive bed in […]

Welcome to Wouf Poof!

Welcome! We are so happy that you are visiting our new site and hope that you can stick around and shop our wonderful dog beds. If you’re in the market for a new dog bed, look no further! Once you’ve tried our dog bed, you’ll never need to buy another. Our beds last longer than […]

Let me introduce you to our new friend – Animatch

Animatch Non-Profit Adoption Services Today is a big day for us. We have partnered up with a local business that helps orphaned dogs find homes with caring families. We couldn’t be more proud to count them as a friend and we happily support their efforts. And to show our support, we will give new adoptees at […]


What People Are Saying About Wouf Poof®

What’s up, Doc?

Q: My dog is allergic to the chemicals in most materials and I find it difficult to keep a cotton dog bed clean. Is there such a thing as a hypoallergenic dog bed? 
A: Absolutely, I have leather dog beds that do not attract fur and dander, and are easy to clean, soft and comfortable.
See www.thewoufpoof.com for their hypoallergenic leather dog beds.
Wouf Poof’s leather beds are made from certified, high quality material, non-toxic and anti-bacterial. Their leather is natural, not chemically treated, so it’s very hypoallergenic. 
In addition, leather is hygienic, so it does not attract doggy odors or dust mites, which aggravate itchy dogs. Just vacuum and wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. 
Leather beds are low maintenance and stay beautiful for years, unlike cloth beds that get filthy and smelly, and require frequent washing. 
Send questions to: Stacey Hershman, D.V.M., c/o News Critters Page, 450 W.33rd St., N.Y., N.Y. 10001, or e-mail: vet4pets@optionline.net
Stacey Hershman, D.V.M. 
News Critters Page, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Saturday, September 23, 2006. 

The Big Move
The cardboard boxes were piling up. Rover was sad; he knew something was up. He lost his appetite and stopped playing. My boyfriend and I were worried. The vet suggested we create an environment where Rover would feel safe and secure. That’s when we discovered the perfect gift for a dog, the Wouf Poof®. In a flash, the happy Rover of old was back! And he’s adapted well to our new home. 

Patrick Richer and Annie Gagnon, Quebec 

We have finally created a dog bed that replaces the smelly, tattered, worn-out, eyesores that we have become accustomed to over the last 30 years. The luxurious, natural leather Wouf Poof® is a commitment to you and your dog for comfort, durability, design and hygiene. Recommended for SuperDogs including yours.

The oval leather dog bed is the right bed for hot weather. Even with air conditioning our dogs have always preferred laying on our leather furniture. Now, they have the option to use their new oval leather pet bed which works out perfectly. Our dogs are small and their is plenty of room for both even though one has taken it over. Easy to just damp wipe the leather to keep clean and looking great.