Katie Caron, Montreal

Soul Mates One summer afternoon, my dog and I were taking a walk. Suddenly, without warning, she bolts toward the open front door of a ground floor apartment. I follow her, in a panic! I hear another dog barking. Darn… And that’s when I see my cute Electra,face-to-face with another Weimar Pointer, all four paws […]

Patrick Richer and Annie Gagnon

The Big MoveThe cardboard boxes were piling up. Rover was sad; he knew something was up. He lost his appetite and stopped playing. My boyfriend and I were worried. The vet suggested we create an environment where Rover would feel safe and secure. That’s when we discovered the perfect gift for a dog, the Wouf […]

Stacey Hershman, D.V.M.

What’s up, Doc? Q: My dog is allergic to the chemicals in most materials and I find it difficult to keep a cotton dog bed clean. Is there such a thing as a hypoallergenic dog bed?  A: Absolutely, I have leather dog beds that do not attract fur and dander, and are easy to clean, soft and comfortable. See www.thewoufpoof.com for […]

Anne Glionna Interiors

Interior Designer. “An increasing number of our clients are insisting on consideration for their pets when having an original interior design or a makeover planned. Leather is such a common furniture covering, and man’s best friend seems to like it as much as their owners do. Considering its style, comfort, durability and hygiene, we find […]

Sally Leach

I own three Airedale Terriers and have three wouf poof dog beds that I have had for a while now. I purchased the first when one of my airedales was sick (May 2014) and all he wanted to do was lay on OUR leather couch. My heart ached for him, and so I ordered him […]


The oval leather dog bed is the right bed for hot weather. Even with air conditioning our dogs have always preferred laying on our leather furniture. Now, they have the option to use their new oval leather pet bed which works out perfectly. Our dogs are small and their is plenty of room for both […]

Herb Williams

We have finally created a dog bed that replaces the smelly, tattered, worn-out, eyesores that we have become accustomed to over the last 30 years. The luxurious, natural leather Wouf Poof® is a commitment to you and your dog for comfort, durability, design and hygiene. Recommended for SuperDogs including yours.